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Outback House, Vernon
Coast Architecture, 2007

Shuswap Lake Residence
Bernd Hermanski Architect, 2004

Hobson Road Residence, Kelowna
CanWest Design, 2005

Abbott St. Residence, Kelowna
Apchin Design Group, 2004

Bluebird Road residence, Kelowna
Apchin Design Group, 2008

The Crescendo, Big White
Apchin Design Group, 2007

Ridgehome, Vernon
Coast Architecture, 2007

Lakeshore Road residence, Kelowna
Robert Turik Architect, 2011

Other Luxury Homes by R&A Engineering:

  • Mable Lake waterfront Home, (heavy timber w/ mortise & tenon joints ), 7500 sqft, Locati Architects (Montana USA), 2012
  • Mountain Side Home, (excessive glass and cantilevers), Kelowna, Apchin Design Group, 2010
  • Countryside Home, 22,000 sqft, Edmonton, Apchin Design Group, 2010
  • Okanagan Lakeshore, West Kelowna, Turik Architects, 2009
  • Okanagan Lakeshore, Abbot St, Kelowna, Carl Scholl Design, 2007
  • Kelowna Hillside Home, 12,900 sqft, Apchin Design Group, 2007
  • West Kelowna Home, 5300 sqft, Apchin Design Group, 2005
  • Mission Area, Kelowna, 7000 sqft, Apchin Design Group, 2005
  • Okanagan Lake Lakeside Home, 7000 sqft, Apchin Design Group, 2004
  • Kalamalka Lakeside Home, 6100 sqft, Apchin Design Group, 2006

Several other Luxury Homes throughout BC.